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Anybody successfully bundled libcurl "dylib" (on Mac OS X)?

From: Dan Wood <>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 15:02:31 -0700

I'm at my wit's end figuring something out, so maybe there is
somebody here who has been down a similar path. I don't know if
this is a Mac OSX/Darwin-specific issue, or one that would apply to
other UNIXes out there....

I have built an application that uses libcurl. Things work just
fine when it links to the libcurl that I've configured, make'd, and
installed into /usr/local/lib.

However, I want to package libcurl into my application so that
others can use it without the command line. (Mac users are picky
that way for some reason.)

The trick, as I understand it, is to get a version of the
libcurl.dylib file to think that it is installed not in
/usr/local/lib, but in my application's bundle. There's a "magic"
path that you indicate, which would be
"@executable_path/../Frameworks/libcurl.dylib", which means to look
in the Frameworks directory in the application package (which is
also a directory.)

Anyhow, I just don't understand the intracacies of the "ld" flags
and the configuration and makefiles to figure this out. (I'm an
applications developer, not a linker expert!) So far I think I've
figured out to use /usr/bin/libtool to make a new copy of
libcurl.dylib that is "installed" in that special path.

This is what I have:

libtool -dynamic -o libcurl.dylib -install_name
"@executable_path/../Frameworks/libcurl.dylib" -v

However, I get the error "libtool: no library created (no object
files in input files)".

Has anybody been down this road before? Is there an alternative to
getting this to work properly? (And, of course, still work within
curl's licensing?)

(I really hope I can figure this out ... if I can't get this to
happen, I'm going to have to abandon libcurl and find some other

Dan Wood
Mac OS X Developer: Online Resume:
Received on 2001-09-13