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Perl interface broken with curl 7.7

From: Forrest Cahoon <>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 16:09:37 -0600


I just got the latest stable curl sources from the website, and noticed
that the Curl::easy perl interface is now broken.

The problem is that curl.xs calls curl_getinfo(), which is appears to no
longer be a libcurl function.

This seems like it would be easy to fix (curl_getinfo() became
curl_easy_getinfo()?) ... but I don't know how or if the calling parameters
have changed.

On a marginally-related note, I've been thinking of working on my own perl
interface to libcurl, to use a more OO paradigm. My basic idea is pretty

$curl = Curl::OO->new(big ol' hash of setopt values);


undef $curl; # automatically cleans up with an appropriate DESTROY

The real reason I want to do this is I may have a need to get the progress
function callback working in perl ... and of course, I'd like to be able to
write a progress function _in_ perl.

I've been poring over "perldoc perlcall" and I've written enough XS code
that it actually makes some sense to me (which is scary). I believe a
wrapper function could be written in XS code that can be passed the name of
a perl routine to be called for the progress function. The input and
output callbacks seem more problematic, because of filehandle issues, but
might be possible to handle in the same way.

It wouldn't really be necessary to go OO to get the callbacks to work, but
it seems like the right approach to me, because of the opportunity to hide
ugliness inside an object (and the callbacks will involve some ugliness!).

I think I'm just going to start hacking on this, but suggestions are most

Forrest Cahoon

not speaking for merrill corporation

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