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Re: Curl 7.6.1 released on which platforms

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 16:51:17 +0100 (MET)

On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Bescon, Guenole wrote:

> I would like to know the version of Tru64 on which curl 7.6.1 was
> released.

curl is not released "on platforms" by me. curl is released as sourcecode by
me, built on dozens of platforms by users, released as binaries for some
platforms by friendly people who share their builds with the rest of the

I know The Written Word has pre-built curl executables for curl 7.5.1 built
on True64 4.0D and 5.0 (as stated on the curl download page).

I don't know of any later prebuilt curl binaries on Tru64. There shouldn't be
any problems to build curl on them though.

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