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Re: Thoughts on Implementing Persistant Connection Support

From: Rick Jones <>
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 09:33:52 -0800

Daniel Stenberg wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Rick Jones wrote:
> > i would likely be using this functionality in a benchmark, where I am
> > trying to get the number of URL's per connection to match some measured
> > workload. it would be _sufficient_ to have the connection close just on a
> > curl_easy_cleanup (whatever the right name is ) but it would be nice to
> > allow the app to say "close the connection" without blowing away the
> > entire handle.
> Are you then talking about a special "close my last connection" function to
> use after the *perform() function has been called?
> My plan is to have an option to set the maximum amount of concurrently opened
> connections. If this is set to 0, no connections will ever be kept open
> (they'll be closed "by force" after each transfer). Having it set to 1 will
> make curl keep the connection open between multiple requests in case the
> following request can be performed using the same connection. Any other
> number will make curl have a "connection cache" with possibly open
> connections to re-use on following requests using the same handle.

I was only thinking in the context of a single, persistent (though later
perhaps pipelined) connection at a time.

> > i would not expect there to be more than one connection associated with a
> > given curl handle, so i would not be expecting to have to select between
> > connections on a given handle.
> With the upcoming system, you can do multiple requests using the same handle.
> You just run *perform() again without doing any *cleanup().


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