Re: Error 60: SSL failed under pycurl, but works under normal curl

From: Gisle Vanem via curl-and-python <>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2018 12:11:18 +0100

Jacco van Dorp wrote:

> Does the seperate user/pwd paramters from pycurl resolve into a
> "user:pwd" string, or does it not ? If not, is there a way I can do
> this another way ?

I get a parse-error from your question. I assume you mean if:

   curl.setopt (curl.USERNAME, "somename")
   curl.setopt (curl.PASSWORD, "password")

   curl.setopt (curl.USERPWD, "somename:password")

is the same. Yes it better be. At least both works with a little
ftp-test here. If you try with:
  curl --libcurl - --user somename:password

you'll see what curl.setopt() codes you should use in your Py-script.

Received on 2018-01-10