Re: pycurl error 6, 'Could not resolve: ... Domain name not found'

From: Oleg Pudeyev via curl-and-python <>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2016 22:14:19 -0400

On Wed, 24 Aug 2016 18:50:08 +0100
Peter Binney via curl-and-python <> wrote:

> I started getting this error when running pycurl to a NAS box on my
> LAN after I moved to another ISP (and hence broadband box):
> pycurl.error: (6, 'Could not resolve: nas-29-ee-87 (Domain name
> not found)')
> Curl does not have the problem when accessing the same URL.
> Pycurl does not have the problem when accessing URL's on the Internet.
> I am running on Windows10.
> pycurl.version shows: PycURL/7.43.0 libcurl/7.47.0 OpenSSL/1.0.2e
> zlib/1.2.8 c-ares/1.10.0 libssh2/1.6.0

pycurl is built against libcurl using c-ares, as the above shows.
Please confirm that your standalone curl is not (post the output of
`curl -V`).

It must follow that c-ares does not consult the mechanism via which
your "nas-29-ee-87" is defined - hosts file? NetBIOS/winbindd?

If you do not have "nas-29-ee-87" in your hosts file try adding it

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