Re: Is there a way to use form_stream in pycurl?

From: Dima Tisnek <>
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2014 21:18:20 +0200

IIRC, you cannot really pass multiple file objects to pycurl.

Besides of you do pass a file object to pycurl, it has to be a real
os-level thing, that is with a file descriptor.

Thus you have only 2 options left - format entire post in Python (streamed
or not); or keep all post fields in memory.

On 5 Sep 2014 19:05, "Tonhão - Antonio Brasolin" <>

> Hi.
> I've started using pycurl recently and am currently using the setop
> pycurl.FORM_FILE. But the data that i want to send is in a string, so it is
> weird to write a file just so the next method can read it.
> So my doubt is: is there an alternative to pycurl.FORM_FILE that takes
> either a string to be sent or a stream object (like a file object)?
> readdata and readfunction won't work for post with multi-part form.
> Thanks in advance,
> Antonio
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