pycurl 7.19.3 release plan

From: Oleg Pudeyev <>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2013 15:11:39 -0500

Hi folks,

I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to release 7.19.3 before the end
of the year. Here is how the situation presently looks:

- Python 3 support has not had any bugs reported against it since it
  was merged. I found and fixed one issue post merge.

- Windows builds against python 3 are working. 7.19.3 will come with
  python 3 builds.

- I do not have 64 bit windows machines, so windows builds will all be
  32 bit for now.

- There has been a somewhat long standing issue where pycurl could be
  built without crypto locks for the ssl library being employed. I now
  added switches to to specify the ssl library and pycurl will
  enforce that the same library is used at build time and runtime.

  This the potential to break easy_install/pip; for them, environment
  variables have been added that users can set to indicate which ssl
  library libcurl uses. Ideas for improving the user experience are

  Linux distributions and such should specify appropriate options to in their package build system.

  On windows, winssl builds work because pycurl has no crypto locks for
  winssl. Openssl builds might fail. I have not yet succeeded in
  building pycurl against openssl on windows so I am going to wait for
  bug reports, preferably with patches or at least build instructions.

  For more details, please see the pull request below. It also includes

- Remaining windows crt issues have been around for 5+ years and will
  be fixed in the next release.

- The version number is 7.19.3 because I added constants from 7.19.1
  through 7.19.3.

Please test the current master. If no regressions are reported I will
try to release 7.19.3 before January 1st.


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Received on 2013-12-27