PycURL released

From: Oleg Pudeyev <>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 14:09:42 -0400

Hi everyone,

I am excited to announce that PycURL has been released.

This is the first official PycURL release since 2008. Most of the
changes since 7.19.0 have been patches submitted to SourceForge
project page over the last 5 years, although there have also been
several patches submitted via Github. A more detailed list of changes
is available in the changelog:

The version number reflects the fact that not all of libcurl 7.19.1
functionality is supported. However, quite a few of libcurl > 7.19.0
features are supported.

This is a source only release, mostly because I do not yet know how to
build any of the binary packages, or which packages should be built for
that matter.

The source distribution can be downloaded from PycURL web site:

It has also been uploaded to PyPI, and as such should be installable

easy_install pycurl
pip install pycurl

The following individuals contributed to this release:

Adam Guthrie
Christopher Warner
Kamil Dudka
Kjetil Jacobsen
Marien Zwart
Roland Sommer
Romulo A. Ceccon
Wim Lewis
Yuri Ushakov
Zdenek Pavlas

Thank you!

Received on 2013-09-25