Re: pycurl release

From: Oleg Pudeyev <>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2013 00:35:18 -0400

Hi everyone,

I am pleased to report that the "test matrix"[1] is complete.

I have now tested pycurl on FreeBSD against all combinations of:

Python 2.4.6, 2.5.6, 2.6.8, 2.7.5;
libcurl 7.19.0, 7.32.0.

The test matrix should be fairly easy to extend to support libcurl
linked against gnutls/nss, threadless python, etc.

This brings the release of one important step closer.

At this time I have not yet decided whether testing pycurl on windows
will block the release.


Received on 2013-09-20