support for new curl features in pycurl?

From: Daniel Price <>
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 18:00:27 -0700


I'm involved in a project in which we're using pycurl. We've tripped over
the fact that we need to use some of curl's newer features, but pycurl does
not seem to support them. I found that some curl options like
CURLOPT_NOPROXY are not yet supported in pycurl.

This led me to worry that pycurl might no longer be tracking libcurl. It
seems that libcurl is at 7.19.5 and pycurl is at 7.19.0. Is there any ETA
on these features? Is the pycurl project dead? If so I would like to know
so that I can shift to something else, or (sigh) start to maintain my own




Received on 2009-08-07