Stricter posting policy coming up

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 09:21:11 +0200 (CEST)

Hi friends, (cross-posting)

I'm a bit disturbed to have to resort to this, but I feel I have no choice.

Starting very soon, all posts to this mailing list[*] from non-subscribers
will be rejected mercilessly. There will be no more "acknowledging"
unauthorized mails by mailing list admins like we've done for many years.

If you want to post to a curl-related mailing list (hosted by, you
will HAVE TO subscribe first then post.

The reason for this is quite simply that I no longer want the burden of having
to clear spam from the admin queues at the rate of tens of spam to each list
every day. Unfortunately, this means that the evildoers once again makes it
slighty harder for newbies and "casual posters". On the positive side, it'll
make me a happier man and it will give me many more minutes spare time every
day that I previously spent clicking in mailman's web interface...

Yes, I know there are many spam filtering techniques and options available,
but for the moment the subcribers-only is the absolutely best policy that is
next to foolproof.

I personally get spam at the rate of no less than 400 per day for the moment,
with peak days reaching up to and beyond 5000. Of course the vast majority of
them are just filtered away and discarded without me ever seeing them. Please
notice this in case you mail me privately, since in my constant chase at
reducing the flood I use very strict rules and filters that possibly may
discard one or two legitimate mails at times.

Just another reason to keep curl-related mail on the curl-related mailing

[*] = curl-users, curl-library, curl-and-php and curl-and-python and
       future curl-related mailing lists hosted or maintained by me/

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