Re: Help Converting curl.exe command to pycurl

From: Peter Schott <>
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 10:12:47 -0500

OK - trying that now, but when I set SSLCERT = the same PEM file, I get:
debug - unable to set private key file: 'D:/MyCert.pem' type PEM
regular output - ''' pycurl.error : (58, "unable to set private key
file: D:/MyCert.pem' type PEM\n") '''
Am I doing something wrong by trying to pass in (pycurl.SSLCERT, MyCert)
for values? Is this supposed to be a list or dictionary instead of a
I've just done a little more checking and found that SSLCERT does take a
string which is what I'm passing. However, it still returns that error
whenever I set the SSLCERT option to a full path/filename for my

> OK - I can kind of see that, but why don't I get prompted for this
when I
> use curl.exe? I don't pass this in for my command line and it works.

Aaaah. Now I finally start to understand... Sorry for being slow.

I went back and compared your python with the command line, and spotted
you use -E but you don't pass in your certificate (using SSLCERT) in the

python program. You only pass in the SSLKEY, and both are likely to be

curl -E assumes that your privaate key and client cert are both kept in
same PEM file.

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