Re: help with pycurl/win32 and HTTP PUT

From: jason kratz <>
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 20:34:16 -0600

Daniel you're a lifesaver. Mentioning binary mode was the trick.
This is not a binary file, its pure ascii text. However I was reading
through the Python docs about setting binary mode regardless for
portability reasons on opening files. That did the trick. My Python
code is now transferring files correctly!



On Wed, 9 Feb 2005 17:30:17 -0600, jason kratz <> wrote:
> I tried the debug stuff in the pycurl version as well as enabling the
> tracing in the command-line client. The results are not the same.
> When the client sends the data it sends 6 16kb chunks of data plus a
> 1159 byte chunk. The pycurl version sends 6 16k chunks. It also
> appears that the chunk splitpoints dont match up. I dont know if that
> is a problem or not but it appears that the data isn't being sent
> properly by the python version. I dont know if thats the fault of
> pycurl or the python read function.
> Jason
Received on 2005-02-10