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[cURLpp] Fwd: [curlpp-library] Failed to pass curl_off_t-type parameter properly

From: Jean-Philippe Barrette-LaPierre <>
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 16:59:10 -0400

I'm checking this right now.

Jean-Philippe Barrette-LaPierre
cURLpp maintener (

attached mail follows:

Hi everybody!

I've ran into the problem, that i cann't pass curl_off_t-type parameter
to libcurl-labrary properly,
while using code snippet below:

      cURLpp::Easy request;
      // ...

Considering operation's resulting verbose log, i've noticed that
set to wrong value (not a zero).

I've dug a little deeper into libcurl- and curlpp-sources and found the
cause of the problem, in a OptionSetter.inl file:

-- cut --
template< typename OptionValueType,
      cURL::CURLoption optionType >
cURLpp::OptionSetter< OptionValueType,
              optionType >::setOpt(cURLpp::CurlHandle *handle,
                       ParamType value)
   handle->option(optionType, (void *)value);
-- cut --

As You may noticed, before to be passed to libcurl-labrary the value is
casted to (void*) type here.
I developing for 32-bit platform; environment is WindowsXP/MSVS2003.
curl_off_t type is 64-bit value here, but (void*) is 32-bit one. Such
type cast goes with a loss of data
in my case. Truncated 32-bit value will be pushed into the stack, but
further libcurl will try to extract it as 64-bit
one, that is wrong.


Any advise or ideas are appreciated.
I believe it is a bug in curlpp-library.

best regards

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Received on 2005-08-18

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