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[cURLpp] FormPart / HttpPost usage

From: Peteris Krumins [Newsgroups] <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 01:11:44 +0300


 I can not figure out how to use FormPart with HttpPost without hours of
work digging throught
 cURLpp sources.

 Particulary, after having dug through the sources I have only a slight
inkling how to get it working.
 As I understand I should create a std::list of cURLpp::FormPart * and
then pass this list to
 cURLpp::Options::HttpPost. Am I right?

 Who does take care of memory freeing? Should I loop through std::list
and delete each FormPart *?
 Documentation for this part of cURLpp would definitely be a giant step

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Received on 2005-08-10

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