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Re: [cURLpp] curl_get_info feature

From: Peteris Krumins [Newsgroups] <>
Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 14:39:53 +0300

Jean-Philippe Barrette-LaPierre wrote:

> First, I would thank Peteris Krumins for his curl_get_info patch. It's always
>a pleasure to receive some contributions from other people. This patch was
>needed. However, I'm not quite sure that we should handle it as it is
>suggested by Peteris. I know it's stupid to say that, but it's too simple ;P

It is simple and nice, does just what it has to.
I made these patches because my projects needs nothing more or less. You
can improve the interface of course and it would
be nice to have the same inteface as setOpt currenly has.

> What I mean is that there's no type check, and there's no way to change the
>behavior. Why is it so important? Well, cURLpp's design is built on the
>assumption that I'm lazy.
Type checking is nice. I like. But what does it have to do with
laziness? You have to look up anyway what the option does
before you use it.

>The user could add some new options of
>libcURL, without any need of recompilation of cURLpp. So, I want to enable
>the same behavior with curl_get_info. I'm suggesting the following usage:
>char *myvalue;
>EffectiveUrl would be, as options are, a typedef. We could specialize it to
>handle std::string or other types. What do you think folks?

Yes, that's nice. I suggest you do it the same way as setOps is done.


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Received on 2005-08-01

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