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Using Curl to pass an xml request

From: Michael Horowitz <>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 18:20:20 -0400

Tell me if I am on the right tract. I need to use a post to a https
server with a string that is a xml file and receive a string of xml in
return. Is curl and appropriate way to do this. I've been working on
it but as I search I see alot of people talking about SOAP and REST for
this type of work. It seems CURL should work to but I would hate to
spend alot of time on it and then find I am on the wrong path.

I don't know how the architecture of the server I am going to. I just
have a URL, a user id and password to use and the format for my xml and
the format I should expect to receive a response from.

Michael Horowitz
Your Computer Consultant
Received on 2008-03-16