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Re: how to get the last fetched URL

From: Natasha Trovaldo <>
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007 11:55:11 +0500

Mr Daniel, I do not care to know your biography and list of efforts. what i
know is that you are a responsible person here in a sense you are
administrating this mailing list... so you should think twice to reply
rudely to someone, and by the way your rudeness also amazed me..

what i posted?

first email: i posted my problem

second email: i reseached and found that curl_easy_getinfo() is not what i
need to use but curl_getinfo() with php so i posted again with complete code
because i was still failing to get the url.. why i did this? to save other
people time in telling me to use curl_getinfo() and to start from where i
was stuck at that time

so do you think my first and second emails are duplicate ? if you think then
it means you didnt care to read my email at all and just replied.

and what you replied? DO NOT POST IN THIS MAILING LIST

show me one more such mailing list where administrator behaves like this?

in my third email I answered the other fellow that YES I AM GETTING TARGET

so i dont know how did you find my emails duplicates and scamming my thread?

anyway I do not want to argue with you but a bitter lesson i learned right
after joining your mailing list and to tell in comparison i went to another
php forum, asked the same question, many fellows replied to me and after
twenty seven posts they helped me solve my problem, moderators of that room
also contributed and no one told me DO NOT POST HERE...

On 9/6/07, Daniel Stenberg <> wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Sep 2007, Natasha Trovaldo wrote:
> > @Daniel: dont you think you are sounding very rude?
> I think I use the tone I need to get the message through.
> > i should not post on it then why dont you close this drama and write in
> bold
> > fonts that you will help only for money and not for free.
> Don't get to this weird reasoning again. Do you even know who I am or what
> I've done around here? Are all my mails on this list "help only for money
> and
> not for free" ?
> Your rudeness amazes me.
> > if i wont ask curl questions here then where will i post?
> Sure you can ask and everyone can answer - even I. But asking the very
> same
> question once again just hours after I answered it is just repeating.
> You're of course free to ignore whatever I say.
> > i am very upset with your last email and am definitely going to discuss
> your
> > behavior in the next zend php conference.
> Feel free to do so. I bet I'm not the subject of many talks on those
> conferences so it could be a fun change!
> Now, can we please get back on topic and talk PHP and curl again?
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