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problem to get data from website using cURL

From: Inna Anopa <>
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2006 22:41:20 -0400

I was using cURL to get/translate/compare data from the websites
successfully. But now I am having problem with website that using jsp, asp
and frames (not sure if it is related to the problem). I am following all
frames until the one that I have to get data from and when I am using curl
read from I
am getting back ‰‹dÈ/åLó²²ó{‡iÚºfzû;Tg`²ÿ
ŠsäƒFB¢Ž‘à8Uù–¤e¦„Ò ý¦ðR¢|¬ä2¡1%X
But when I copy and paste this url directly to the browser I see the page
Need help ASAP.

Thank you,

Received on 2006-07-04