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Reg Input to curl from tar command compressed output

From: murugan balraj via curl-users <>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2020 12:42:43 +0530

Hi ,
I need a clarification on sharing input to curl using pipe.

I want to share the output of tar compressed image to curl as an input
using pipe.
Commands i tried to pipe :
1)tar --create --file=- --directory=/dir1 ./ | gzip > gzipimage.tar.gz
2)curl -v -T gzipimage.tar-gz tftp://

I have tried the following. But unsuccessful.

tar --create --file=- --directory=/dir1 ./ | gzip > - | curl -v -d
"@-" -T gzipimage.tar.gz tftp:// > gzipimage.tar.gz

My intention is to avoid creating the intermediate compressed image (
gzipimage.tar.gz ) while uploading the compressed file using curl.



Received on 2020-04-06