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Cross-compiling for VRXEVO.

From: David Merinos via curl-users <>
Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 14:13:46 -0600

Hello. I'm in a project for a very old Verifone Terminal, a VX520C. In this
project we require to use CURL to perform some Request to a webservice. I'm
compiling on Windows 7, with a VRX eVo Service Development Kit.

I was given a folder with some libcurl.o and a folder called curl/ and
another folder called sys/ with some .h files in it
The files contained in curl/ are

   - curl.h
   - curlbuild.h
   - curlbuild.h.cmake
   - curlrules.h
   - easy.h
   - mprintf.h
   - multi.h
   - stdcheaders.h
   - typecheck-gcc.h

the files contained in sys/ are socket.h, stat.h, types.h and vsocket.h.

I was told I just needed to include the curl.h into my includes when
compiling and linking. But..

The first error I found out is that when compiling, the shell complies
about curl.h not being able to find sys/types.h, to solve this I actually
copied, into cur.h, the full path of the sys/ folder:
C:\some\folders\deep\curl\sys\types.h, for example.

Soon after, I found out I needed to add a definition on my compiling. I
added -D_VRXEVO flag and was able to compile. Loaded the app on my terminal
and when I go to the part where I need to use terminal gives a
system error.

I traced the error to a curl call: curl_global_init(CURL_GLOBAL_ALL).
Apparently this call is making my terminal go into segmentation fault or
some other fatal error.

Something else I realized is that socket.h just includes vsocket.h and
vsocket.h is blank. (just a comment saying //intentionally left blank)
types.h is also blank. (a comment //intentionally empty)

Hope someone can put me in the right direction.


T.I. y L.C.C. David Merinos.

Received on 2020-03-26