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Specify multiple "@" files for --data

From: Norton, Mike via curl-users <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2020 23:36:54 +0000

This is regarding "--data" (-d) - according to manpage:

> If you start the data with the letter @, the rest should be a file name
> to read the data from, or - if you want curl to read the data from
> stdin. Multiple files can also be specified.

Unfortunately, I cannot find the part of the manpage that tells HOW to specify multiple files. I've tried commas, semicolons, quoted space, multiple @ characters... everything I could think of results in Curl treating whatever I specify as if it was all a single filename. Anyone?

I am aware of the possibility to use "--data" more than once, but that separates the data with the "&" character, which is not the behaviour I want. I am specifically trying to make use of the documented "multiple files can also be specified" feature.

Mike Norton
Received on 2020-01-17