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Re: OAuth2

From: Todd Chester via curl-users <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2019 20:35:11 -0800

On 2019-12-17 03:26, David Guillen via curl-users wrote:
> Unless I'm mistaken this does not affect SMTP right? Only IMAP. But
> again, don't quote me :D
> El lun., 16 dic. 2019 a las 23:36, Daniel Stenberg via curl-users
> (< <>>) escribió:
> On Mon, 16 Dec 2019, ToddAndMargo via curl-users wrote:
> > Is there any sign of curl supporting OAuth2 in our future?
> I wouldn't object, but it's not on the top of my personal near term
> (I'm available for contract development if someone wants to increase
> the
> chances of this happening sooner rather than later...)

I looked at my gMail accounts in Thunderbird. All three of the smtp
servers are using OAuth2.


This module from Raku/Perl6 should help with the
development of OAuth2 on curl:


Received on 2019-12-18