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RE: marking curl wth build id

From: Art KnsZ via curl-users <>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2019 15:34:04 -0700

At 08-23-2019 13:09, Bill Mercer via curl-users wrote:
> >who are you kidding with this nonsense? he attacks me personally
> and that is okay?
> >i beg your pardon - i have given more exact help then i have ever received
> >i weighed whether to post this or not - but your arrogance requires it
> >alot of your posts make it seems like you are two people - the one
> who is the curl >dev and the one who has no clue or control over
> what curl - funny
> >you are riding on your past my friend
> >curl is so deficient and has so many conflicting options in so
> many areas that i >stopped using it completely a while back
> >synapse fpc library blows curl out of the water in every respect
> >using libcurl has always been quite a coding joke
> >you can remove me completely from your list and remove ALL my posts
> >oh and for someone so advanced don't you know you send two emails
> for each of >your emails - it is annoying and a clear violation of
> internet I can only assume you >are using curl to send your email
> and need help with the headers?
>What the...
>Jesus Christ...

You and me both! Wow. Talk about loose ends!

With all the crazies out there and their mass shootings I can only
hope that he doesn't have a closet full of guns. This almost screams
intervention required.


Received on 2019-08-24