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Curl not sending last lines of SMTP connection to stderr file

From: Jon Harris <>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2019 02:07:32 +0000

I am sending an email using curl SMTP. I have set options for verbose output and redirecting stderr to a file. Here is my command line:

curl smtp:// --mail-from --mail-rcp -s --upload-file msg_23.txt -v --stderr msg_23.log

Most of the verbose output gets captured to msg_23.log. However, the QUIT and 221 response are printed out on the console. So I see this:

# curl smtp:// --mail-from --mail-rcp -s --upload-file msg_23.txt -v --stderr msg_23.log
< 221 See you later alligator

It's like it stops redirecting stderr before it prints the last 2 headers.

In contrast, a system-level redirection of stderr captures all output including the last 2 lines:
# curl smtp:// --mail-from --mail-rcp -s --upload-file msg_23.txt -v 2>msg_23.log

Is this a bug? The system-level redirection provides a work-around, though the --stderr flag is preferable for my application.

Jon Harris, Sr. Design Engineer, Symetrix, Inc.

Received on 2019-05-22