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A very difficult download

From: cumdacon <>
Date: Tue, 21 May 2019 16:17:42 +0200

Hi to all,

sorry my strange question. I am new here, and I can remain subscribed here
until 1st June because this is the termin for an article that I have to
write about this event (the past event explained in the 10 minutes video,
see bottom), then it will be too late.

I am not intersted in informatics nor in downloaders, at the moment I dont
want to learn how they are working. (A good beginning! :))
I simply need to download a video 720p MP4 (MKV were better, but no
problems), I guess that this video shows an orchestra playing opendoor at
Schoenbrunn castle.
I am on an old Windows, therefore not allowed to install TorBrowser. Perhaps
my OS lacks in some OpenSSL libraries...maybe...
I failed with...about 10 downloaders and in the meantime I heard that this
"curl" is very powerfull like a miracle, I suppose that the right one is:

So my question is very simple (I guess), but I ask please please for a very
clear answer (for children) like

  1.. "yes"
  2.. "no"
Please do not make a summary about what curl does or does not or could do if
the user were an expert..., thanks in advance. If curl realizes my wish,
then I will deeply read the page of Tutorial to discover what else I could
do with this tool.
And now....the question:
are you able to download (and save, and watch) this video?

If you did it, please could you send to me the required working
If you did not, no problem, I expected this behaviour, because I tried other
10 downloader and ...amen :)

thanks a lot.
best regards,

Received on 2019-05-21