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Parallel status

From: Timothe Litt <>
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2019 01:02:40 -0400

I had an unexpected few minutes, so I prototyped a parallel status
provider along the lines of my earlier notes.

I sent the code to Daniel off-list - it's not large, but I didn't think
it belongs on this list.

Some of the content needs to be negotiated, and the curl side needs to
be done.

But the concept seems to have worked out as expected.  One nice aspect
is that those of you who want different sorts of progress can easily
write providers that take the stream and output it as you like.  (Or
just read the stream - It's plain text, not JSON or XML for that
reason.)  The curl changes are presentation-independent, so no one must

I'd send a screenshot, but Mailman doesn't like images.  So use your
imagination - and we'll see what Daniel does with it.

My other work awaits...

Timothe Litt
ACM Distinguished Engineer
This communication may not represent the ACM or my employer's views,
if any, on the matters discussed. 


Received on 2019-04-30