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Partial File Errors

From: Cumbers, Alex <>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2019 14:29:03 +0000

We are connecting to a mainframe sFTP server (DTCC) from Solairs 11 via curl 7.63

When downloading files, we consistently get partial file status return (18) - e.g: verbose output:

    12:27:00.473934 == Info: Initialized password authentication
    12:27:00.473959 == Info: Authentication complete
    12:27:01.318356 <= Recv data, 98 bytes (0x62)
    0000: 1TRANS20190320 029MFN ACTIVITY FILE Y20001 10210202900 0
    0040: 000000000DTCCCDT 20190320 05:17.
    12:27:01.318588 == Info: transfer closed with 56260 bytes remaining to read
    12:27:01.479162 == Info: Closing connection 0

However, the file downloaded is complete & valid (98 bytes). I've proved this by downloading / comparing files via the default Solaris interactive sFTP client, which does not receive partial file errors.

I suspect remote sFTP server interacts with curl in a different way and does not serve up correct file sizes. Possibly due to legacy mainframe sFTP interface.

Does curl get a file size up front & validate bytes downloaded at end?

Is there any additional logging that can be enabled?

This has happened with all curl versions tested over several years, so not a new issue.

Any insight much appreciated.


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Received on 2019-03-28