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Re: Looping though an IMAP-Folder, batch freezes

From: Nicklas Avén <>
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2019 14:34:30 +0100

Sorry, very little experience with windows last decade.

But I think that example you have below here might be problematic with
the new (correct) way of handling UID. That is because UID is unique to
a mail, so if mail with UID 3 is deleted there is no UID = 3

But that makes it safe to know that mail UID=4 is still the same mail
after deleteing UID=3.

So, that was my thought if you are looping over UID and get a UID with
no email it might freeze until timeout I guess.

But I don't recall now how to get the mail number 3 in the mail box no
matter the UID.

But from the mail I linked I see that you want to find the command that
sends FETCH, not UID FETCH

If you are calling the exactly same mails when triggering directly and
triggering from code this is not the problem.

But if the VBA-case might include mails that span over a "hole" in the
UID sequence and that is not the case for the direct triggering this
might be the cause.

I don't have those things fresh in mind, and I don't have time right now
to find out.

But this might give some clues.


On 3/6/19 2:20 PM, Axel Humcke wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry but i have no idea how to reply to the mailing list...
> I am using curl version 7.64.0.
> Beginning to think that this is a vba / wsh problem because as is said
> before i can manually start the .bat-file but not with vba / wsh.
> Now i have returned to start a batch for every single message. This
> works but the flashing command prompt windows are not the elegant way...
> Is there a way to loop through an IMAP-folder using UIDs or sequence
> numbers with curl itself? Like this but with the windows command line?:
> #!/bin/sh
> # Dump the subject of the first ten messages in the folder.
> for id in `seq 1 10` ; do
> echo "Message ${id}"
> curl --insecure \
> --url
> \
> --user "bobby:tables"
> done
> Kind regards,
> Axel
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