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Curl for downloading a file from SFTP server with wildcard

From: Yogesh Gite <>
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2019 15:58:50 +0530

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to download the txt file from a SFTP server. My curl includes a
wildcard as the file name on server is constantly changing having some
fixed characters. I get curl 79 or 78 error.Dont know what’s wrong. Any
help would be appreciated !

Curl :

Curl -u UN:PW sftp://hostname/icaps/859011_20181011*_859011.txt --insecure
-o myfile.txt

Error :

             curl: (78) Could not open remote file for reading: No such
file or directory

             curl: (79) Error in the SSH layer.


Received on 2019-02-08