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Re: Add Forum Identifier

From: Art KnsZ <>
Date: Wed, 09 Jan 2019 13:15:23 -0800

At 01-08-2019 22:29, Jan Stary wrote:
>Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64Content-Disposition: inlineOn Jan
>08 18:44:38, wrote:
>Daniel, would you please prepend a forum identifier, such as [CURL-U], to
>the post's subject when a post gets broadcast. Without a unique identifier
>identifier it is near impossible to filter messages into target mailboxes
>The headers say
> List-Id: the curl tool <>

Yes, they do. Unfortunately, I am guilty of thinking one thing and
writing another.

I do use the header to filter into mailboxes but that only applies
after a post is downloaded to a mail client. The problem is not
filtering for mailbox but identifying legitimate mail via sender
and/or subject without having to open and read the message itself.
What I am talking about is identifying messages while still on the
server to preclude the risk and waste of downloading malware or
SPAM. I use Mailwasher (which lists mail by sender, date and
subject), to prescreen mail on the server. Others use web mail
indexes which display similar info. Having a unique list identifier
also allows sorting by subject which is very useful.

I (like many others), get a ton of daily mail and need to be able to
quickly identify and categorize messages. Many forums are already
doing this. Do you have some reason for being against it for this forum?


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