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Re: RE: Feedback wanted: bold headers?

From: Georg Horn <>
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2018 13:50:53 +0200

Hello ,

i personally always turn colors of. I hate it if i install a new
linux system and the first ls -la turns the screen into an ocean of
blinking colors... ;-)

I personaly believe curl should concentrate on fetching URLs. The
presentation or further processing of the fetched data should be left to
the application that uses curl. Thats why i like this approach:

> B="`tput bold`"
> b="`tput sgr0`"
> 2>&1 curl -v | \
> sed -e"s/^< \([A-Z}[A-Za-z-]*:\)/< $B\1$b/" | less -R

But thats just my personal opinion. If the feature is switchable and is
preferably switched off by default i can live with it...

Kind Regards,
Received on 2018-04-30