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From: Richard Snodgrass <>
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2018 21:52:33 -0800

Can we curl a simple http get response to a written file output?

New to this

The power to think true is the savior of humanity. The mythological and
historical Redeemers of every age were all personifications of that power.
He who has a little more rationality than his neighbor is a little better
than his neighbor. He who functions on a higher plane of rationality than
the rest of the world is termed the greatest thinker. He who functions on a
lower plane is regarded as a barbarian. Thus comparative rational
development is the true gauge of the individual’s evolutionary status.
Briefly stated, the true purpose of ancient philosophy was to discover a
method whereby development of the rational nature could be accelerated
instead of awaiting the slower processes of Nature.
- Manly P. Hall

Received on 2018-02-18