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Re: Upgrading curl on a Win 8.1 system

From: Ray Satiro via curl-users <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2018 17:57:01 -0500

On 1/3/2018 9:38 AM, Jeremy Nicoll via curl-users wrote:
>> Granted I realize we could probably explain this better, somewhere.
>> Marc can you update your readme to explain multi-ssl and that
>> curl-ca-bundle.crt is needed by default?
> Oops, I thought when I read that... I hadn't looked at 'the' readme in the
> download. But I have done since then. But, the 'binary' download (as
> is mentioned in various Stack Overflow threads - I'm glad I'd read those
> first) isn't at all what a normal Windows user would expect.
> Mine has 40 files in 21 folders. Twelve or so of those files have 'README'
> in their names, and that doesn't include the MANPAGE and INSTALL files.
> Almost none of these files (all of which I looked at before writing this)
> have any relevance to a Windows user.
> Quite a lot of them have no extension in their filenames, making them a
> pain to open and read on Windows... every one needing a right-click and
> a choice of editor. Those that do have extensions are ".MD" which is also
> not associated with anything on a typical Windows system.
> The curl.exe file is found inside a folder named "src" which is probably
> the last place anyone 'knowledgeable' would ever look...
> The first time I downloaded this and unzipped it I was sure I'd somehow
> got a source download with makefiles etc... and immediately deleted it
> and looked again at the choice of downloads. But lots were like that;
> that's when I went off to Google and hence Stack Overflow...
> It'd be a lot less intimidating if one merely downloaded a zip containing
> curl.exe, a licence file & the CHANGES file (but both with a .txt extension)
> and a short relevant-to-Windows help .txt file.

Fair point. I tried CCing Marc Hörsken the last e-mail but it bounced, I
have a different address this time so hopefully it is right and he sees

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