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Re: http/2 multiple post requests

From: Scott Mitchell <>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2014 14:33:09 -0400

I found where the PROTOCOL_EXCEPTION exception is being generated in the
curl code. The following if statement is evaluating to true and is
resulting in a protocol error being sent
Each response has a ":status" header and also some other headers
(content-type, custom "x-" extension headers, etc...) this check is
evaluating to true because `c->status_code == -1` is true.

`status_code` is reset to -1 here
and here
The issue is both of these lines are hit in between receiving the ":status"
header and the next headers for a given stream. I am not sure what the fix
would be because I am a bit confused about the granularity of the
`http_conn` object within the connectdata structure. It seems like there
should be a collection of these (1 per stream) and not just one for the
whole connection? Daniel - any thoughts?

Additional information

The `Curl_http2_setup(...)` method is being called here
in between processing streams on a given connection.

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