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[RELEASE] curl and libcurl 7.33.0 is out!

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 20:04:41 +0200 (CEST)

Hello friends,

I'm happy to announce that yet another curl and libcurl release has found its
way out in the open. In 63 days since the previous release, we did 40 bug
fixes and 11 changes using 262 commits.

Download from:

Curl and libcurl 7.33.0

  Public curl releases: 135
  Command line options: 161
  curl_easy_setopt() options: 205
  Public functions in libcurl: 58
  Known libcurl bindings: 42
  Contributors: 1057

This release includes the following changes:

  o test code for testing the event based API [3]
  o CURLM_ADDED_ALREADY: new error code
  o test TFTP server: support "writedelay" within <servercmd>
  o krb4 support has been removed
  o imap/pop3/smtp: added basic SASL XOAUTH2 support [9]
  o darwinssl: add support for PKCS#12 files for client authentication
  o darwinssl: enable BEAST workaround on iOS 7 & later
  o Pass password to OpenSSL engine by user interface [15]
  o c-ares: Add support for various DNS binding options
  o cookies: add expiration
  o curl: added --oauth2-bearer option

This release includes the following bugfixes:

  o nss: make sure that NSS is initialized
  o curl: make --no-[option] work properly for several options
  o FTP: with socket_action send better socket updates in active mode [1]
  o curl: fix the --sasl-ir in the --help output
  o tests 2032, 2033: Don't hardcode port in expected output
  o urlglob: better detect unclosed braces, empty lists and overflows [7]
  o urlglob: error out on range overflow [8]
  o imap: Fixed response check for SEARCH, EXPUNGE, LSUB, UID and NOOP commands [10]
  o handle arbitrary-length username and password [2]
  o TFTP: make the CURLOPT_LOW_SPEED* options work [4]
  o curl.h: name space pollution by "enum type" [5]
  o multi: move on from STATE_DONE faster [6]
  o FTP: 60 secs delay if aborted in the CURLOPT_HEADERFUNCTION callback [11]
  o multi_socket: improved 100-continue timeout handling
  o curl_multi_remove_handle: allow multiple removes
  o FTP: fix getsock during DO_MORE state [12]
  o -x: rephrased the --proxy section somewhat
  o acinclude: fix --without-ca-path when cross-compiling [13]
  o LDAP: fix bad free() when URL parsing failed [14]
  o --data: mention CRLF treatment when reading from file
  o curl_easy_pause: suggest one way to unpause
  o imap: Fixed calculation of transfer when partial FETCH received [16]
  o pingpong: Check SSL library buffers for already read data [16]
  o imap/pop3/smtp: Speed up SSL connection initialization
  o libcurl.3: for multi interface connections are held in the multi handle
  o curl_easy_setopt.3: mention RTMP URL quirks [17]
  o curl.1: detail how short/long options work [18]
  o curl.1: Added information about optional login options to --user option
  o curl: Added clarification to the --mail options in the --help output
  o curl_easy_setopt.3: clarify that TIMEOUT and TIMEOUT_MS set the same value
  o openssl: use correct port number in error message [19]
  o darwinssl: block TLS_RSA_WITH_NULL_SHA256 cipher
  o xattr: add support for FreeBSD xattr API
  o win32: fix Visual Studio 2010 build with WINVER >= 0x600 [22]
  o configure: use icc options without space [21]
  o test1112: Increase the timeout from 7s to 16s [20]
  o SCP: upload speed on a fast connection limited to 16384 B/s
  o curl_setup_once: fix errno access for lwip on Windows [24]
  o HTTP: Output http response 304 when modified time is too old [23]

This release includes the following known bugs:

  o see docs/KNOWN_BUGS (

This release would not have looked like this without help, code, reports and
advice from friends like these:

  Alex McLellan, Bill Doyle, Colby Ranger, Fabian Keil, Gisle Vanem,
  John E. Malmberg, Jonathan Nieder, Kamil Dudka, Shawn Landden,
  Tor Arntsen, Will Dietz, Yi Huang, Kyle L. Huff, Steve Holme, Mike Mio,
  Stefan Neis, Nick Zitzmann, Geoff Beier, John Dunn, Jiri Hruska,
  Tomas Mlcoch, Kim Vandry, Ben Greear, Gorilla Maguila, Jerry Krinock,
  Yamada Yasuharu, Gordon Marler, Dave Thompson, D. Flinkmann,
  Benoit Sigoure, Clemens Gruber, Guenter Knauf, Petr Pisar, Elmira A Semenova,
  Francois Charlier, Ishan SinghLevett, Marcel Raad, Ulf Samuelsson,
  Andrej E Baranov, Derek Higgins, Heinrich Schaefer

         Thanks! (and sorry if I forgot to mention someone)

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