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Two changes in curl 7.23.1

From: Captain Basil <>
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2011 14:39:41 -0500

Version 7.23.1: Two changes

1: 'curl -v' no longer shows '* Connected to ...'

2: While curl can handle multiple URLs,
     curl http://{host1,host2}
   letting the command line expand the braces,
   it can also handle a single URL which it expands
     curl "http://{host1,host2}/"
   (they are different:
     curl -O http://host/{file1,file2}
   saves file1 to "file2" and shows the second
   while curl -O "http://host/{file1,file2}" saves
   both, one to file1 and one to file2).

   curl -m 45 http://{host1,host2}
   tries to get the first and the second URL.
   If the first times out, it gets the second.

   curl -m 45 "http://{host1,host2}/"
   *used* to act the same way but now ... if the first
   times out it does not just time out the connection
   it times out curl which never tries for the second

   This is not a problem with curly braces which one
   can let the shell expand but in trying to get files
     curl -m 45 "http://host/files[0-9]"
   the shell generally cannot expand the URL.
Two changes - were they inadvertent or intentional?
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