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Re: Used -c, but Google says curl doesn't accept cookies

From: Jerry Krinock <>
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2011 20:32:57 -0700

On 2011 Sep 12, at 01:39, Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> That often happens because the server assumes that when you POST something, you do that from a page with a <form> and that page (or another one) already set a cookie that your request doesn't contain.
> This is often fixed by you first retrieving the <form> page and storing the cookies from that, and then you do the POST.

Thank you, Daniel. That makes sense.

> All this and more will be revealed if you track what your browser does, using a plugin like LiveHTTPHeaders or similar.

Good tip. I've learned a lot using the Live HTTP Headers Firefox Add-On today.

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