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Re: cURL: request to change the default subject line

From: Blake <>
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 14:40:42 -0400

>> However, it appears that you are using GMail so your options are severely limited.

Nope. I pop my email from gmail.

> Not at all. Gmail features a very easy and user-friendly click-through guide to add a filter that can mark every mail from this list with a custom label.
> I (as admin of the mailing list) am against wasting precious Subject real estate for a fixed prefix when everyone can just easily do the filtering themselves with a few invested minutes in reading a howto.

I read my email on several different devices. My laptop, my blackberry, my office computer, etc. On my laptop I do filter this email according to my preferences. It is my blackberry in particular that this request would be most useful as all one sees is the Subject and From line in the inbox (From is not helpful as I don't know the emails of the people on the list). I have to open the email and scroll up to see the To: line to determine what the email is about. A cURL in the subject line would provide a level of convenience to me and I am pretty sure other subscribers of this list.

I do respect your decision as the admin to do what you like. Calling it a "waste" of space is certainly debatable - but this is not the forum for that. I will conclude by saying that my request is by no means an uncommon feature of many other mailing lists that I subscribe to.
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