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User Supplied buffer

From: Thippeswamy, Aravind <>
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 15:55:37 +0530


Ive recently started with libcurl and was trying to search for an option where the response data is directly copied to a user supplied buffer without any intermediate memcpy() .

The callback registered with the CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION requires me to do a memcpy() from the libcurl buffer to the buffer that I want.
I doubt if using FILE * with CURLOPT_WRITEDATA will be of any help as libcurl may recv the data into a temporary buffer and then do a fwrite, which is equivalent to a memcpy.

I am looking for an option where the libcurl can be told to use a user given buffer in the socket receive instead of any temporary buffers.

Any help on the subject is appreciated.


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