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speed_download meaning

From: Dod <>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 10:47:31 +0200


I have a question about {speed_download}, I searched the archive
before asking and found something that might answer but I need to
be sure I understand.

manpage say : The average download speed that curl measured for the
complete download. Bytes per second.

An other user asked about the timing included into this counter :

> Or is the bytes/sec reported just the pure download socket speed?

Nope. Everything will be taken into account. If you have a slow callback,
that might delay the download, yes.

Question : do "everything" mean that it include time used by all
pre-transfert commands before real transfert starts (i.e : for FTP we
have USER/PASS/PASV/TYPE), so if those commands are slow to answer,
then the download_speed will show lower value ?


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