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RE: which list is which (was Re: TFTP issues in curl lib 7.19.4)

From: <>
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 08:01:18 +0100

>> Have the maintainers of curl considered the possibility that the
>> instructions describing which list to post to are not clear enough when
>> subscribing? Maybe we need BIG BOLD RED LETTERS...
>We're open for suggestions. Tell us what you think we can do to improve!

Hum i don't know for others, but i'm new to curl mailing lists, and I don't
have any problem to find to which mailing list I have to post to...

I just regret there is so little activity on certain lists like the php/curl
I am facing complex php/curl usage, (multipart/related with xml files) and
regret to have no answers to my posts...

Maybe it's this G.T. was meaning in his posts... In which lists he would
have the most success to get answer and community support..

My piece of thought of the day ;)



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