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Curl and HTTPS/SSL

From: Daniel White <>
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 12:06:31 -0000

Hi all,

I've looked over the net for ages now, and by the looks
of it, there's quite a bit of discussion, but no real
resolution (at least not for me) to the problem.

Let me put this in a nutshell, I run at the shell/command line:

curl -q -o outputfile.html

It's a https URL, so apparently things work differently now.

Problem is I've downloaded about 4 different versions of
Curl, and they each complain that there's a problem with libeay32.dll
(which of course isn't supplied). So I then try to look
for libeay32.dll, and come across about 5 different versions
over the web.

Each of them throws up a new, tasty, unique error message,
also depending on which version of the Curls you use too.

Here's a delectable sample of the errors one can expect:

"The procedure entry point asn1_string_data could"
"The application of DLL .....libeay32.dll is not a valid Windows
"The ordinal 2254 could not be located in the dynamic link library "
"The ordinal 2498 ......"
"The procedure entry point DES_ecb_encrypt could not be located in .....

How hard can it be? If someone can give me the exact download
of Curl to use (I use WinXP home), and also a location where
I can download the 'real', 'newest' libeay32.dll, that would be grand.

I'm guessing the shell line I entered above is all that's
needed to access a HTTPS URL.

Thanks for any help!


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