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Re: An issue about sftp quote command

From: Lisa Xu <>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 16:34:06 +0800

Does --quote option support "~" character for sftp?

I use "curl -v -u user:password sftp:// --quote "-rm
/home/myuser/abc/test.txt" to remove test.txt, it's fine.

But if I use "curl -v -u user:password sftp:// --quote "-rm
~/abc/test.txt" to remove test.txt, it failed. I noted in the URL "~"
character is supported.

Does anybody give me a help?



On 2/19/09, Lisa Xu <> wrote:
> I want to remove a file test.txt from remote host. The file is in ~/abc/
> folder.
> Following is the command:
> curl -v -u user:password sftp://*/~/abc/* --quote "-rm *
> test.txt*"
> But this command just removed the file ~/test.txt not the file
> ~/abc/test.txt.
> I use another command:
> curl -v -u user:password sftp:// --quote "-rm *
> abc/test.txt*"
> Then the file in ~/abc/test.txt is removed.
> I want to know why the first command is not fine.
> Thanks,
> Lisa

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