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Re:About curl library use at the time of memory leak generation

From: 오수경 <>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 12:00:27 +0900

The first quick ripple thanks.
The source code simply, there is a possibility of trying.

ftpget sample where provides from curl leads and embodiment tries and (.ftp must modify URL with sftp where is not of course ftp memory leak are not generated.)
In from VC6.0 creates with win32 console the fact that does means that selects MFC supports.

Will do like this and the source which is embodied when after com file runs, when after downloading being ended, 220 byte 6block momory leak are generated will hang in VC build windows and there is a possibility which they will see.

The like that it will hang why and it peels?
Reply entrusting it gives.
It thanks.

px)Environmental set: VC 6.0 application, curl-lib (7-19.3), openSSL (0.98g) and libssh2 (2-1.0)

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