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Re: Proxy

From: Michel RIGAUD <>
Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2009 14:45:46 +0100

On the first connection to the proxy, do I need to indicate the url of the
web site I want to access ? I am asking that because in the first syntax you
are saying "curl -v -x proxy:port [url]" by [url] you mean which URL ?

Once I detected which auth method to use and I connected once with :
curl -U user:password -x proxy:port
--proxy-[digest/basic/negotiate/ntlm/any] [URL]
do I need to repeat user:password at every request or is there a way tell
the proxy I already connected?


2009/1/31 Daniel Stenberg <>

> On Sat, 31 Jan 2009, Michel RIGAUD wrote:
> The web site I have to access is HTTPS. What does it change for the proxy
>> ?
>> So which is the syntax I should use between all these variables and all
>> these commands: <proxy_adress> <port> <login_proxy> <password_proxy>
>> <https_mywebsite><login_website><login_password>
> You probably know the IP or host name of the proxy? Then start out with:
> curl -v -x proxy:port [url]
> And when the proxy responds with a 407, you read the headers of the
> response to learn what auth method it wants. Then you repeat the command
> with credentials and the correct method:
> curl -U user:password -x proxy:port
> --proxy-[digest/basic/negotiate/ntlm/any] [URL]
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