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Subject: Re: I cannot log on !

From: Jean Marie COUPRIE <>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 11:55:47 +0100

For Daniel Stenberg
There are misunderstanding between us :
- My idea was that what the curl_easy_setopt() function says is
perfectly clear ("not ambiguous")as regards "Options set with this
function call are valid for all forthcoming transfers performed using
this handle. The options are not in any way reset between
transfers,..."parameters but that this was not true for the RexxCurl
- default options I was referring to : curl_easy_reset.3 -- man page
"Re-initializes all options previously set on a specified CURL handle to
the default values. This puts back the handle to the same state as it
was in when it was just created with curl_easy_init(3)."
  curl_easy_setopt.3 -- man page is not very clear
Does e.g "CURLOPT_VERBOSE Set the parameter to non-zero to get the
library to display..." means that by default (= if I have done nothing)
parameter=0 and that to suppress "verbose" function after it has been
set I have to call it again with parameter=0 ?
- Browser and curl both send http requests but browser execute the code
included in the responses and curl does not : their behaviors are
different ! In an unperfect comparison use of a browser is equivalent to
program in Rexx or an other very high language and curl to program in C
with a good library of subroutines.

For Ralph Mitchell and Alessandro Vesely
Many thanks for your technical explanations.

As Alessandro Vesely has stated with wisdom : "The man page defines curl
pretty well, IMHO. Unfortunately, that definition is only clear to
people who know what the mentioned protocols actually are." I'll do some
homework to propose a text (in an other post) for the poor lonesome
scriptwriters as I am that know how to use their browsers but have only
low knowledge of protocol and the way the server are programmed. I plan
to reuse your explanations, add a list of all the documentation (with
links) I find and be sufficiently general to cover command line curl,
curl_easy and ports of curl in various languages (I know only RexxCurl).

Where is the right place to discuss this ?
Received on 2007-12-21