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Re: slides from my (lib)curl talk at FSCONS

From: Ray Pekowski <>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 10:00:22 -0600

I would add that curl/libcurl is one of the few tools that supports the
controlling of SSL session use and reuse. Most other tools either always
reuse SSL sessions or always create new ones. The controlling of SSL
sessions is particularly important for performance analysis where a given
workload is simulated in order to derive maximum throughput and CPU
utilization. Being fast is another important feature for this type of use
and Curl is that too.

Thanks for a great tool,
Ray Pekowski

Daniel Stenberg <>
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12/10/2007 03:53 AM
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slides from my (lib)curl talk at FSCONS

Hi friends

I went to FSCONS[1] this weekend and held a 45 minute talk on curl and
(in English!). I hope that there will be a video available soonish that
taken at the event, but I've also published my slides from it at:



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