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Re: Error compiling apps that use curl.h on Solaris with curl 7.17.1

From: Yang Tse <>
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2007 18:46:50 +0100

2007/12/4, Georg Horn wrote:

> i ran into an error compiling the examples or any other app that
> includes curl.h on an older Solaris system:
> [...]
> socklen_t can not be found in any include file on the whole machine, so
> i quickly fixed the problem by replacing socklen_t with size_t on line
> 254 of curl.h
> Perhaps this is not a portable solution for all platforms, so maybe a
> check for socklen_t should be included into the next curl version.

If you built the library yourself, you can find the appropriate
definition replacement for socklen_t on your platform near the end of
file culr/lib/config.h. Which might match what you've already done.

Received on 2007-12-04